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Contact Us

If you have any questions about your order, would like to give us your feedback, want to cooperate with us or just want to talk, feel free to contact us by live chat, Email or phone.

You can reach us via LIVE-CHAT on our website.

--By Phone

Please call us at: +1 (909) 581-9599 (Beijing Time / 8AM - 6PM), If we are not in,please  e-mail, we'll reply as soon as possible and no late than 24 hours.

Our team is in the office Monday through Saturday


-- By Email

For general enquiries, please e-mail

For payment or refund detailed queries, please e-mail

For our blog cooperation enquires, please e-mail

For potential investors, please e-mail

NOTE: For e-mail enquiries, please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond. We try our best to ensure that our responses are sent within this time period and answer your enquiries sufficiently.

User Comment

  • manisha
    hi,do u ship in india?
    coz may be i ll be come there,if i likes ur cloths i ll mk order also.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we are free shipping to India.

  • Pich Pich
    Hi! I would like to if I order your product, do you free shipping to us in Cambodia?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we are free shipping to Cambodia.

  • eric1057
    Hi, I would like to know if the prices online all wholesale prices, or is there a different price?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Please check

  • CarlosRodriguezLorenzo
    Buenos días me gustaría saber si el precio de sus artículos que muestran en su página viene en dólares

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, it is US dollars.

  • ueno julietta
    hello friend please let me know di send to Japan shipping is free? much is the minimum amount that I buy? paypal I can pay right through?, please send your website ... thank you very much hope your answers to my questions

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, free shipping to Japan, you can buy right now, and pay by Paypal, there is no minimum order.

  • AnnaAnis
    Hi! I secured 2 orders from ahaishopping, but there was no V-neck simple style knit cardigan, only - V-neck simple style knit cardigan dark blue! Please, send me mine black cardigan! Best regards, Anna

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    we think you will receive all of your items soon.

  • Carolinefashionstar2
    Hi, i need to know osmething: if I have a 15$ bonus code can I use it for orders under 50$???

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    no, you can use it when order over $100

  • margarita

    Thank you for the notification. I am still interested in the same item that i ordered, but ill take it in a medium size. Thank you.
  • miri
    Hola , me mandaron una página para ver mi status de compra , pero el número que me dieron no es , como lo checo ?? Gracias

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    here is your order number AIS2013070460943, your tracking number is RB403347002CN, you can check it on few days later.

  • maleroger
    Hola! Hice dos pedidos y no los he recibido, tienen idea cuánto más demorara? Gracias!

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Will arrive soon, because Argentina is so far.

  • melias
    hola acabo de hacer un pedido ahora desde argentina les qveria hacer una pregunta tengo q pagar antes q me lleguen los pedidos ustedes me avisan o lo pago asi nomas

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Could you please email to in English

  • Betty
    hi, can I order and get the items in Nigeria.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    of course you can

  • Berenicelara
    Hola,hice un pedido, esta pagado, pero mi duda es saber cuando me llega?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Usually it will take you 25 days more or less

  • anita
    do u ship to India.


    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Of course we ship to India

    hola!! estoy interesada en adquirir varios articulos, mi duda es realizan envios a Mexico? cuanto costaria el envio? y por cual medio seria el envio? Gracias

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    We are free shippint to Mexico, thanks.

  • Eyra
    how about the price of malaysia ?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    we are free shipping to Malaysia

  • carol
    Hi, only 9.9 and 19.8 are free shipping??? other ítems too???

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    All our items are free shipping.

  • sekinabrako
    Please by which means do I get my shipment order? Is it by door to door or by post? Thanks

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    door to door.

  • sekinabrako
    I tried signing up with PayPal, but my country(Ghana) was not found in the select country column. What do I do then?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    You can contact Paypal to help you, or choose other payment methods on our website.

  • Sheilla
    Hi, I'm Scheilla and im from Colombia, this is my first time doing this and i have no idea how to make an order, please, can you help me?¿

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    You can refer to this :
    How to Shopping
    Payment methods

  • Sekina
    I live in Ghana (West Africa), How do I select and order about 12 different dresses at the same time? Please, do I have pay for the order number first before I can go on with my order?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    add them to shopping cart, then submit your order, then conclude your payment.

  • Anonymous user
    i really would like to order some of the product. Will it be possible to get the product in Bhutan.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    of course you can receive our items if you order from us.

  • Anonymous user
    Hi. My name is Karlie. I have a question regarding the shipping. Do you do door to door delivery? Thanks!

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    yes, door to door.

  • ivanapo012
    Where is the option to send u money via Western Union,I see here only Paypal option for pay?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    You can place your order with Paypal option at first, then pay by Western Union, tell us, we will process for you.

  • Anonymous user
    Hi, my name is Olivia. I am the owner of blog Blog is constantly evolving, with every passing day coming
    new readers and watching. I like your site and the products that you offer.
    What say the state to co-operate? I would love to advertise your stuff on my
    blog. I look forward to the answer. Best regards and have a nice day.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Please email to

  • andreeabacau
    Hello ,my name is Andreea and I would love to collaborate with you through my blog, is the month of presents and I would like to make a surprise to my readers.Have a nice day!Happy holidays!

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    please email to

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