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AHAISHOPPING.COM - AHAI, All Hers, All Inspiring.

Founded in late 2011, Ahai is growing quickly and soon become one of leaders of high fashion online stores. Based in Hong Kong, Ahai offers over 100 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, accessories, jewelry and beauty products, which are always changing and always in style. Ahai Team commit themselves to provide ladies of all classes, especially ladies in Europe and America, with the most trendy and fabulous pieces in affordable prices. Genuine Goods and Fixed Prices are the essence of Ahai. With its boundless enthusiasm for trends, Ahai is contagious.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Ahai is an ideal brand to realize your classy and fabulous.

We are Free Shipping Worldwide with speed and precision and 30 Days Unconditional Return.

Special Notice

As the prompt update and inventory management, we will take former products off the shelf, perhaps after a month or a week or less. Please do not hesitate submitting orders of your favors, maybe they will be out of stock in a short time.

Focus on AhaIshopping every day, get surprise every day!

User Comment

  • Soma1988
    Hi there, I wanna ask if you ship to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh? and I can see that you ship orders for free but is there a minimum amount of purchases to get a free shipping? Thanks

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we can ship to Saudi Arabia, no minimum amount.

  • Rachel
    Hi there, do u ship to malaysia?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we ship to Malaysia.

  • Ozzy
    Hey, I really like your store. Do you guys ship to Israel too?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we are free shipping to Israel.

  • JesZy
    Hi I was just wondering if you send your clothes to Mexico???

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Of course we ship to Mexico

  • Leannepit
    Where are your clothes shipped from? Do you have a US location?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    From HongKong, no US location.

  • karassa bellas
    do u ship to saint lucia?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    yes, we can ship to saint lucia.

  • lina90867
    Hi there, just wondering what currency you use? American dollars? Thanks

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    it is US Dollars

  • precious
    Hi! I like the clothes on your site, i have a question though ! Do you guys ship to Abuja Nigeria?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we can ship to Abuja Nigeria

  • Jors
    Hello, can you tell me please haw long is delivery to United kingdom, thanks.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Free shipping, usually takes you 25 days more or less.
    EMS, 5-9 days after we shipped.

  • carla silva
    oi voces entregam no brasil,qual o periodo para entrega,e nao trabalho com cartao de credito so dinheiro a vista como faço para pagar voces tem uma conta corrente.aguardo retorno.

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    We can ship to Brazil, we accept Paypal, Western Union, and Bank Wire Transfer. Free shipping will take you 25 days more or less, EMS takes you 5-9 days.

  • lovely
    Hi, I want to buy this coat Long double-breasted woolen coat SKU:1195433046 however when I done choosing size and quantity then click the button "add to cart" they keep saying that this sale has overdued... I don't understand why? please check it for me. Thank you so much!

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    this item is sold out.

  • Myrathan
    Hi I'm from Turkmenistan.I want to your goods online can delivery To Turkmenistan? and how fast the delivery and cost?

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Free shipping, 25 days more or less.
    EMS, DHL, FEDEX, 5-9 business days.

  • Bangkok Personal Shopper

    We are sourcing clothes suppliers for our customers in Thailand and abroad.

    Do you often ship to Thailand and can you declare the parcels as "Gift/Sample" with $15 value on the EMS form as we do for our foreign customers ?

    Thank you.
    Bangkok Personal Shopper

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Yes, we can ship to Thailand by EMS and declare your parcels as Gift with $15.

  • Anonymous user
    Hey, I am a Malaysian. And I intend to sell ur clothes(online). But now i still dun have an online shop because i am finding a suppliers. Is it okay for me to sell? And also is it yours using USD dollar??

    Ahaishopping Reply:
    Of course you can, it is US dollars, please email to for wholesale orders.

  • Anonymous user
    very good best of luck
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